PMS-EGYPT Medical Tourism

Step By Step Guide

Step (01): Contact Us

You can contact us through the following:

– On our website

– By email

– By Whatsapp +20 101 397 9436

– Or you can submit the form “Medical Tourism Booking”

and provide us with your details, your medical history and your contact details, to help us finding the best healthcare & medical solutions for your needs.

Step (02): Setup

Here our professional team are working hard to arrange the whole medical tourism program for you which includes:

The transportation and travel details.

The Medical and Healthcare Program Details.

The Tourism and Fun Time Program Details.

The Time Table & schedule for every step in your program.

Then you will have the Program File to be sent to you including all the details and time table to be reviewed by you.

Step (03): Counseling

This is the most important step in your Medical Tourism Program, as your Program Supervisor are going to contact you with the suitable communication method for you to discus with you every step and every simple point in your program to be approved and authorized by you, then we start with the next step.

Step (04): Medical Arrangements

Our Medical Team are working very hard to find the best Medical & Healthcare solutions for you. For better treatment and healing of your illness. They are working within the national and international standards for applying the best medical program for you. The Medical team will be responsible for your medical & healthcare needs within your journey and they will be supervising over the medical quality provided to you by the medical facility to ensure that you received the best medical care you needs. You will have your medical representative contact details, once you have any medical issue or needs any medical information you can be in touch with them 24/7.

Step (05): Fun Time Arrangements

We know that the main reason you travel is to fulfill your medical needs and to be treated from your illnesses. BUT, this is not means that you come – receive medical treatment – travel back. It’s not our policy at all. We all working here to help you to be treated as well to be happy and enjoy you life. in This step our Fun Team are working to design and arrange your FUN TIME to help you forget your medical issues and enjoy your healthy life.

Step (06): Payment

At this step you will have a full detailed invoice including every step in your Medical Tourism Program with its costs and how much you are going to pay for your medical program with the policy of cancellation and other documents you have to fill and signed it.

Step (07): Travel

Let’s go and start your Medical Tourism Journey with us, now it’s time to arrange your luggage and move from your home to arrive to your destination where your Medical Tourism Program will be applied under the full supervision of us.

Step (08): Medical Program

On this step you will meet your Medical Representative and will be accompanying you to your medical facility to meet your doctors and nurses and all the Medical Program will be explained to you again in details, then go ahead to start it. “Are You Ready !”

Step (09): Enjoy Time

Once you finished your Medical Program and your Medical Representative send us your Medical Report and Notes that you now are free from your Medical Problem and ready to start your Tourism Journey, Your Fun Time Representative will contact you and help you enjoy your time and rest to help you forget all your pain and illness and return back home in happiness.

Step (10): Back Home

Here we will


So Much as now is the time that you are going to leave us and travel back home safely and enjoy the rest of your healthy life and we will not leave you or forget you, we always be in touch with you for follow up to be sure that all your needs are fulfilled as you want exactly.

PMS-EGYPT “The Power of Excellence”