As we always caring of you and your family we never stop thinking of you as we all live together in one place.

As we believe in saving lives is not to protect it from harming things only; it is also protect everyone in the society from being a patient or being able to have any diseases or illness which for sure will affect the health of the society and its development.

That’s why we was and still committed to build the biggest medical network for helping you getting the best medical service locally and internationally. Which insure you and your family that you are covered all over the country as our local membership can provide you with the following:

– Medical coverage 24/7

– Make any reservation for any doctor you needs.

– Safe transportation which is suitable for you and more comfortable.

– 24/7 hotline for assisting you for any complaints or help.

– Medical examination when applying for our local membership.

Our Local Membership including:

– Individual Local Membership.

– Family Local Membership.

PMS-EGYPT “The Power of Excellence”