Mummy’s Healthcare Membership

As we believe in the importance of the women role in the society and how her health can affect the health of our generation and their ability for development and innovation in the society; from this point it was our commitment to search and think about what is the best that we PMS-EGYPT can provide you and all the mothers as a healthcare provider in Egypt.

From this point we developed the healthcare program for the ladies and the mothers under the name of “Mummy’s Healthcare Program” as it helps you assuring that the health of you is perfect as well helping you recognizing any other chronic diseases or cancer very early and helping you to be treated as early as you can to avoid any complications that might be happened to you which for sure will affect the life and happiness of your family and affect the health of the society. Also the CARD will be accompanying you and your children when you all seek any healthcare or medical help locally or internationally.

PMS-EGYPT “The Power of Excellence”