Family Membership Details

As we believe in the importance of everyone’s health in the society and how their health can affect the power of the society.

We started to think in a question “Why I can have a single membership while I can have a Family Membership?

From this point we started to think & search about what is the best that we PMS-EGYPT can provide you with it in the healthcare field to help you protected from any diseases and illnesses with God wellness.

We have designed the Family Healthcare Membership for you; for everyone in your family (Mother, Father, & Children) which can help you assuring that you and your family’s health will be in safe hands and are totally covered 24/7 whenever and wherever you are.

Not just that, we will help all your family members to discover any chronic diseases or any cancer signs to help them to be treated early and to prevent any other diseases that may be able to affect your health.

You can choose from our Family Memberships:

– The Golden Membership

The Diamond Membership

PMS-EGYPTThe Power of Excellence”